Eye £40

Anti-Wrinkle Dark Circle Concentrate

Lash £50

Longer Fuller Lashes

Lip £25

Plumper, Fuller, Smother





Light up the room with this lightweight yet luxuriously hydrating eye cream. This high-performing powerful eye brighter and wrinkle fighter reduces puffiness, hydrates and beautifies. 

Skin Type Indications: All skin types, Ageing skin, Crow’s Feet, Dark circles, Puffy eyes, Sensitive skin


Relaxes crow’s feet

 Brightens under eye circles

 Reduces puffiness

 Perfectly hydrates

 Firms and restores







Water your lashes and watch them grow! Thin, brittle, aging lashes will finally meet their match. Conditions and restores lashes in 4 ways. Nourishes with biotin and folic acid, conditions with hyaluronic acid, activates keratin genes and extends growth phase with peptides.

*Drug-free, no risk of side effects*

Skin Type Indications: Aging lashes and brows, Thin lashes and brows, Bare patches in lashes and brows


Promotes growth and life span of thin and short eye lashes and brows

 Improves texture and youthfulness of lash-es

 Prevents breakage and loss of lashes and brows

 Prostaglandin and drug free






This amazingly pleasant lip plumper is also amazingly addictive. Visibly reduced the appearance of lines on the lips, increase lip volume and improve definition of the lip line from the first application. You’ll love how smooth, full and plump your lips will look, but you’ll also love how hydrated and healthy they feel.

Skin Type Indications: All skin types


Increases fullness within lip area

 Reduces appearance of fine lines within lips

 Infuses skin with hydration

 Encourages exfoliation and promotes healthy cell renewal

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